BROAD WHITEFISH(Coregonus nasus)

  • adipose fin is present
  • parr marks absent (NOT present)
  • upper jaw overhangs the lower jaw (forms a snout, “over-bite”)
  • snout is blunt (“sheep-nosed”)
  • very pale colouring, faint silver
  • brow is rounded when viewed from the side (convex)


Known distribution: Mackenzie River system and headwaters of the Yukon River system.

Other notable comments and clues:

  • The most distinguishing feature of the juvenile broad whitefish is its mouth forms a blunt snout that is sheep-like.
  • Can be very easily mistaken or confused with juvenile lake whitefish.
  • Broad whitefish <100mm are very hard to distinguish from lake whitefish. They tend to have more of a girth behind their head/before the dorsal fin (think: wider and deeper cross-section in front of the dorsal fin).